“All things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of all.” ~John 1: 3-4

Our moral reflection and personal behaviors matter a lot, if our religions are any guide (and at Faith in Place we believe that they are). But we don’t get to sufficient scale by modifying individual practices or even all our practices at the congregational level. We certainly want consistency of thought and deed, but to create solutions on the same scale as the problems our ecology faces, we’re going to need strong public policy advocacy.

Get Educated
Each year in the late winter, before the Illinois General Assembly session gets underway, Faith in Place holds its annual policy workshops. We held 4 workshops this spring around the state, outlining the advocacy agenda we’ll be following for the year and promoting during Environmental Lobby day on May 2nd. Faith in Place is a member of the Illinois Environmental Council, a collaborative effort of most of the environmental groups working in the state. We coordinate our policy agenda with the groups that have a consistent presence in Springfield, so that we can keep you up to date on policy developments.

Get email alerts
Besides our monthly electronic newsletter, we have a special set of action alerts for those who want to be in our rapid response network. Stay up-to-date on developments of the bills we are following at the state and federal level. We promise to keep you informed without overwhelming you, and to help you lead a more targeted, effective advocacy effort in your congregation.Sign up now.

Overview of current bills and fact sheets
Faith in Place is the lead organization on bills that will regulate hydraulic fracturing in Illinois. Faith in Place is working closely with other environmental groups to make sure that fracking is closely regulated in Illinois (see home page for updates).

Travel to Springfield
Every spring we participate in the Illinois Environmental Council Springfield Environmental Day. This year we have arranged three buses to take you to Springfield on Thursday, April 3, 2014.

Postcards and in-district activity
Faith in Place does an annual postcard campaign, providing as many postcards as your congregation wants on a single critical issue. We collect postcards on the issue we're focused on and deliver them to your representatives in Springfield. This allows for direct advocacy by many more people than are able to attend the annual Lobby Day in Springfield. Postcards are available this year. To request them, Email Brian.

Federal advocacy through Illinois Interfaith Power & Light
Our affiliation with the national Interfaith Power & Light organization informs our advocacy on federal issues. It also allows Faith in Place staff to attend the annual lobbying effort in Washington, DC, along with representatives of the faith community from across the country. Your support for a federal carbon cap is represented there through our participation in Interfaith Power & Light, and we will make sure that we visit the representatives of districts in which we have the greatest concentration of congregational partners.

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